Why Everyone Loves Morocco

What Is Morocco Famous For?

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Only a few countries around the globe which are equally famous for their versatile attributes like cuisine, landscapes, and people. Morocco, culturally enriched country of Africa, is full of such qualities. In kitchens, it offers delicious tagine and mint tea.

What is Morocco famous for? Tourists are attracted to Morocco because of its versatile nature of landscapes including mountains which remain covered with ice, beaches, and the largest desert of the world – the Sahara. All these places integrated with cordial people have much more to offer to visitors.

Morocco food

Morocco’s cuisine is influenced by morocco’s interaction and exchange with other cultures.it is known for being fragrant and satisfying food buds. These are some of the most famous and cherished Moroccan dishes you can try once in Morocco. Why not learn to cook Moroccan style on your tour?

Moroccan Tagine

A clay pot with a conical-shaped lid on it contains different dishes slow-cooked inside. You can get it anywhere in cafes, roadside stops and more excellent restaurants ​Couscous​Couscous is originally from Morocco and served with vegetable or meat stew. Traditionally it is prepared on Muslims Holy Days(Friday) or for some special occasions. But you can get this from any restaurant in Morocco.


A Moroccan salad of cooked tomatoes and aubergine. Zaalouk is usually served with crispy bread. Fish chermoula ​A mixture of spices and herbs used when grilling or baking fish and seafood. Depending on the combination you can get tastes of different vegetables (onion, coriander) and herbs( black-pepper or saffron)

Mint tea

If there’s one thing that Morocco is known for, it is the sweet and delightful mint tea which is abundant across the country. Whether you are sat on the beach in Agadir or just finishing a camel ride in Marrakesh, you can be sure that mint tea will not be far away. It’s the perfect refreshing beverage to cleanse the palette.

Safari Desert 

Morocco is one of the countries that are famous for astonishing deserts. It has many natural and charming views in these deserts that make it a significant attraction for tourists. These deserts have many cities, oasis, wild animals, dunes that you will never want to leave once you are there. A Moroccan desert tour can be one of those experiences that you might think of years later and smile. It can be one of the most exciting and refreshing experiences to have in Morocco. Top 5 deserts are mentioned below;

  • Risani
  • Khamlia
  • Erfoud
  • Merzouga
  • Zagora

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountain ranges across Northern stretch of Africa through Morocco, Algeria, and African country. The mountains are divided into separate ranges. ​High Atlas is North Africa’s greatest range of mountains, contains stunning regions of Morocco.

The world is North Africa’s premier trekking destination. One will pay his vacations doing daring trekking in Morocco. The High range is divided into three separate ranges.

Western High Atlas

In the west there lies the oldest peaks of the vary, most of them exceed 4000m. Its part is Jbel Toubkal.

Jbel Toubkal

Jbel Toubkal 4167m is the highest peak in the geographical region. Its trekking peak involves no climb; however, two days walking with some crunches in hand (for safety). It is a difficult practice Jbel Toubkal; hence, anybody with a real strength will practice this mountain in 2 days and will pay his holidays in these Morocco Hills.

Central High Atlas

Morocco’s best region for mountain biking. It ascends nearly 3000m on top of the water level. One will have the chance to camp on the shores of the mountain lake and travels through the depression of Ait bougmez.

Jbel Mgoun 

The Mgoun makes the foremost southerly of the three ridges, that form up the High Atlas. One can’t solely fancy the majestic scenery of rugged mountains, however conjointly the friendly and engaging culture of autochthonous Berbers. Compared with Jbel Toubkal, Jbel Mguon may be a wild space. However, trekking in Jbel Mguon is intriguing and adventurous than Jbel Toubkal.

Eastern High Atlas

​Far from the overwhelmed track, mountains of jap High Atlas in Morocco is that the home of the wild landscape. The hike takes you to the gorgeous High Atlas that gives a continental climate. One may be ready to admire from the inexperienced valleys, brilliant landscapes, high desert upland, and different stone chains.

Within the heart of this geological formation, there lie lovely villages wherever ancient Berbers board.

Agoudim Village

Hiking across  High Atlas, there lies a tiny low village Agoudim Village. Agoudim suggests that “Fortress.” The city has just about fifty families, situated forty kilometers from Alnif. Folks of this village are a unit amiable.


Alnif Basin may be a place for fossil hunters. Morocco is high on the list, noted for the trilobites. Trilobites are thought-about because the most famous fossils once Dinosaurs. For those that like to hike and wish to gather fossils like trilobites, should visit Alnif.

Middle Atlas Mountains

Trekking in Morocco includes hiking within the Middle Atlas Mountains that lies between Fez and urban center. This region is a lesser renowned than the High Atlas Mountains however consists of densely opaque mountain peaks, few villages to go to and additionally a famous fall.

Anti Atlas Mountains

The mountain extends from the Atlantic Ocean towards the heights of Ouarzazate and any east to the town of Tafilalt. Within the south, it borders the Sahara Desert. The eastmost purpose of opposing Atlas is Djebel Sarhro. Jbel Siroua may be a bridge between High Atlas and opposing mountain range.

Djebel Sarhro

​The beautiful region of the Sahara Desert lies between the Draa and also the Dades depression. Djebel Sarhro is formed of a jumble of volcanic peaks, tiny villages, and deep gorges. Oct and should are the perfect time for trekking during this region.

Jbel Siroua

​Trekking in Siroua mountain has been illustrious for two years because it offers each a physical challenge and luxurious nature. Mountains are usually entirely different from something you’ve seen before, and villages are getting closer to nature.


Beaches are the first source of comfort over there; when there’s a hustle-bustle of markets, the best place to find peace is on an exceedingly beautiful beach. Take a beach tour when you’re here and discover some of the best beaches in Morocco.

What is Morocco famous for?
Morocco includes a sandy lineation that ranges 2000km, not solely punctuated with port cities like Essaouira and Asilah; however, its beaches are beautiful and forever able to mesmerize tourists.


Essaouira, where one will please himself with ocean and food. It’s noted for food, distinct scenes, and residents. Beaches in the Essaouira are a unit supply of refreshment for tourists.


Asilah, a peaceful city, a little town which might be visited on foot in an exceedingly day. It’s vibrant walls that once more a center of attraction for photographers, artists, and painters. Associate in Nursingnum|once a year|each year} there control an art competition that brings out all the colors of this city and attracts tourists towards town.

The competition contains a bit of art, vibrant walls, and horse competition. All the homes during this space area unit painted, Asilah includes a beach referred to as “Paradise Beach” less rocky than different little beaches. Tourists will entertain themselves by visiting the beach, particularly in summer.

Morocco Climate

You can travel to Morocco and have fun all year long, but it doesn’t mean all seasons are perfect for your travel plans. For instance, deserts in Morocco are scorching in summer and very cold in winter. So you must plan your tour at some suitable temperature.

Knowing the best time to visit Morocco is difficult if you are planning on visiting the country. No one wants to buy tickets for a plane and book a hotel room to stay all day behind rainy windows. Right?

But the good news is that like other countries you don’t need to restrict one or two tourist-friendly season; you can visit Morocco any time of the year. Mountains, coasts, and deserts create varying temperatures across the country. That’s why Morocco will be the best destination for the last minute trip plan.

Moroccan Monument and Architecture

The country has so many architectural styles, showing a rich history. Phoenician’s and Roman’s footprints are still visible in many monuments in Morocco, especially in the cities of Fez and Meknes.

Morocco’s rich culture

Both Berbers and Arabs residents make up the population in Morocco, and this blend has promoted a rich custom. The culture over there is a blend of ethnic and religious traditions. You can learn more about being respectful of Moroccan’s local culture.

Learn more about how to be respectful of Moroccan’s local culture.

  • Morocco Religion
  • Morocco People
  • Morocco dress code

The Original Medinas Handcrafts

Morocco is known for its Medinas, which is cities downtown and a place to find the city’s famous handicrafts and traditional products. Moroccan jewelry, leather handcrafted rugs, and many other crafts can be found in Medina.

​Morocco’s Famous Shopping Places

Those who like to do shopping or want to notice novelty in things ought to visit Morocco as there is an enormous variety of markets with everything from handcrafted rugs to spices and sensible subjects. Markets are called souks in the urban center. You can call window shop fun-driving in the urban center. A few markets are delineated below. Therefore one will notice his place of interest.

Mella: Mortal leads Mella’s open-air market, and its accessories and materials are famous.

​Souk Cherifia​: Souk Cherifia, primarily for the privileged tourists, contains foreign things, and things are imported from the different regions of the continent. The quality and costs of the product are comparatively high.

Ensemble Artisanal​: The specialization of Ensemble Artisanal is ancient things such as prime artisans, hand-stitched things, musical instruments, animal skin, and carpets. The government-sponsored them of the market indicates The culture and tradition of Morocco are because of its tourists. No one will discount up here because the costs are mounted already.

Souk El Attarine: The smells and spices have made souk a notable place. You can find all kinds of species over here. The blend of the fragrance of perfumes and the aroma of odor can be enticing for tourists. Additionally, it produces a metal product.

Souk des Bijoutiers : This open-air market is the spot for precious products. One can shop for dazzling jewelry, precious metals, gems, and jewels. If you are getting married soon, you can check the silver at the open-air market of Bijoutiers. 

Souk Smata​: It is the spot where you can find enticing, traditional, and colorful footwear. It includes a substantial kind of shoes in different sizes and colors. This place is known for those who get allured with different kinds of footwear.

Morocco’s notable places

​Marrakech is additionally called the Red town, the biggest city in Morocco. ​It is known for restaurants, markets, spices, carpets, medersas, and handcrafted woodwork. Ones who like to gather souvenirs to remember places they visit can find it their next shopping hub.

Those who like to shop from each place they visit, then markets of urban centers are the most effective places to go to for them.

Djemaa el Fna
In 2001, the UN agency declared Djemaa el Fna the masterpiece of heritage. The location is also known as the era of the dead.

Owing to the wide streets and scrumptious street food, it is the destination for the ones who love flavors.

From henna artists to fortune tellers to snake charmers, the skillful artists in this land are here to tie people with their art. Eventually, those who are fond of any of these can come to the lands of Morocco.

This land produces artists like henna artists, snake charmers, and fortune-tellers, etc. People who like to place henna tattoos and disquieted concerning their fortunes should visit this place whenever they visit Morocco.

Fez contains the foremost precious objects any country keeps, i.e., its artists. This place is recognized for its admirable talent along with some of the artisan products. People who are fond of doting the fine art and the skill, this place is meant for you!


This is what you can call the destination for painters, artists, and photographers. In fact, Chefchaouen is known as the Blue town of Morocco. Well, that is because of the blue shade present in different places over here. Basically, this color is the shade of peace.

So, here comes the tranquilizing city or a tiny low town where you can walk around daily. Its colorful walls are a huge source of attraction for painters, artists, and photographers. Every year they command an art pageant, which calls out the shades of the city and allures the tourists in the town.

The Show contains it all from art to horse competition. The homes during this space are painted, Asilah includes a beach known as “Paradise Beach” which is not as a rock as other alternative beaches. Tourists get enthralled by their presence on the beach, particularly during the summer season.

This city is known to be Morocco’s capital, an area wherever tourists will like to stay. Rabat is noted for carpets, ancient mint tea, and animal skin. This city is additionally far-famed for the welcoming nature its residents have. One will mark their presence in these places to get the imprints of Morocco.