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What Can You Find In The City Of Casablanca In Morocco?

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To some, the expectations of the mythical city of Casablanca will be aligned with the famous 1942 movie of the same, but it’s important to remember that the movie was filmed on a sound stage in Hollywood.

As such, those looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Casablanca really need to experience it first-hand.

The following is an overview of what makes the city of Casablanca so appealing, as well as some of the experiences that can be enjoyed.

Casablanca Has Lot to Offer Fans of Unique Architecture 

The great thing about travelling on a tour to Morocco is being able to capture some of the amazing architecture in the Imperial cities, and this is especially true for those planning to visit Casablanca.

For example, the Hassan II Mosque is the largest in Morocco and was created by 10,000 artisans over a period of seven years. Those with a fondness for cathedrals will simply adore the Eglise du Sacre-Coeur first built in the 1930s which is now home to a series of concerts and art exhibitions.

The Food and Drink Available in Casablanca Offers Something for Everyone

Those that are keen to enjoy Moroccan cuisine will find everything they need in the city of Casablanca, thanks to its popular restaurant scene.

La Corniche is a waterfront boulevard that has eateries in their abundance. As well as being able to enjoy a series of ocean-view restaurant, there are also beach cafes for those looking for something a little less formal.

One of the most popular restaurants among locals and tourists is the Le Cabestan, a restaurant that was first opened in 1927 before being renovated in 2011.

Another popular choice is the Four Seasons, a fifth-floor Mediterranean inspired establishment that offers an outdoor terrace and a fire pit.

Those with a Taste for the Arts Will Love the Casablanca Art Scene

While some will be keen to visit Morocco for the food and architecture, others will be keen to embrace the thriving art scene.

L’Atelier is a studio that is famed for showcasing modern art piece crafted by local Moroccan artists, while the Loft Gallery has been a major supporter of the arts since it’s launch back in 2009.

However, those keen to get a real flavour of Casablanca creativity need only walk around this wonderous city to unearth some truly captivating street art.

Some of the iconic works located around the city include works by Italian artist Milo, as well as a series of murals that were painted during the 2013 Sbagha Bagha Casablanca Street Art Festival.

Those looking for Morocco tours with a difference will find that the city of Casablanca can offer a series of experiences for many different interests so it’s important that those planning to visit the city of Casablanca speak with a travel agent that has experience with Morocco tours.

Explore the country with an experienced Morocco travel agent located in Marrakech that can offer a series of Moroccan excursions at unbeatable prices.

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