Trekking in Morocco

What better way to experience the great outdoors and make the most of your package holidays in Morocco than trekking through the breathtaking, all-natural beauty the country offers?

There are only a handful of countries around the world that offer the kind of diverse beauty that Morocco does. From the balmy and breezy coastline to the imperial history-rich buildings and barren landscapes that stretch out forever – Morocco offers heart-melting views. Including those from the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

Trekking in Morocco is the best way to experience all these unique sights and sounds. Our expert native guides at Exploring Morocco Travel will help you explore Morocco like you never imagined.

The Alluring Beauty of the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains, home to the Berber people, offers a trekking experience of a lifetime. The 2,500 km-long mountain range cuts through Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, and separates the Atlantic coastlines and the Mediterranean from the Sahara Desert. The western range has peaks that exceed 4,000 meters.

Aside from stunning and mesmerising views of nature in the flesh.  Which also includes a bird’s eye view of the beautifully formed peaks and valleys. The Atlas Mountains offer plenty of opportunities to take trekking tours in Morocco. Which cater to all skill levels. For beginners, we would recommend trekking in the Atlas Mountains during the summer season. While more experienced trekkers who are not afraid to take up a challenge or two can trek the range in the harsh winter months.

The “Middle Atlas” range is particularly famous, owing to its natural diversity. And houses absolutely stunning lakes, forests, national parks and waterfalls. The ancient ruins here and the variety of exotic wildlife species might make you wish that you could stay forever.

Different ways of Trekking in Morocco

Depending on your taste and preferences, you may want to experience your trekking tours in Morocco in a certain way,. Which is why we offer Package holidays in Morocco to cater to every traveler’s needs and experience level:

‘Nice and Easy’ Beginner Trekking

Being a beginner, you may want to take a casual stroll in terrains. That are not too taxing or challenging. It’s always a good idea to discuss the trekking areas you’re interested in with your guide. Beginner-level trekking in Morocco typically means anywhere between 2-5 hour treks per day. The Amizmiz Valley is a great place to start.

“I’m ready to go” Intermediate Trekking

If you’re someone who’s accustomed to regularly walking at a reasonable pace. Then you definitely would not mind negotiating some of the more challenging and inclined terrains. However, we would still recommend that you do not venture out on your own and rely on your trusty Morocco tours guide. To help you overcome any obstacles that you may encounter, such as steep hill climbs.

Intermediate trekkers can easily trek anywhere between 4-6 hours and if you’re up for a moderate challenge while taking in Morocco’s eye-pleasing beauty, then Jebel Sahro is where you want to be.

“Ain’t no mountain too high” Advanced Trekking

This one is for those who are pure hiking enthusiasts at heart. Also for those who have more than adequate experience hiking on challenging terrains that require a reasonable amount of endurance.

advanced trekker is in top physical shape and impressive endurance levels as some of the trekking tours in Morocco may take you over 900 meters above sea level. You can look forward to anywhere between 4 to 9 hours of trekking. With your guide taking you to the best trekking spots in the region.

“Bring it on” Ultra-advanced Trekking

This one is for the pure adventurist who doesn’t mind negotiating the harshest and toughest of terrains trekking in Morocco has to offer.

Trekking at this level means having the
health, strength and endurance of an athlete, as you’ll be trekking the most stunning and challenging terrains in Morocco – majority of them awaiting you at well over 1,000 meters. Your treks will most likely be between 6-9 hours, although most ultra-advanced trekkers are accustomed to trekking as many as 12 hours at a time.

Here, you’ll be exploring the beautiful
Atlas Mountains, with the Toubkhal region offering the toughest trekking challenges, along with equally satisfying rewards.

Shift Gears and indulge in Camel Trekking

If you want to take a break from the stunning and mind-blowing views and trekking trails found in the Atlas Mountain range. Then our private Morocco tours also offer luxury camel trekking in Morocco through the gorgeous orange sand dunes of the Sahara.

But the mesmerizing Sahara with its lovely shades of orange isn’t the only desert where you go
camel trekking. The Erfoud, Zadora and Merzouga desert each have unique traits which are not only pleasing to the eye. But also very popular destinations to take in and appreciate some of Morocco’s charming barren lands on foot.

Atlas Mountain range and Oasis of Marrakech are also very popular spots for camel trekking. You’ll fall in love with the desert sunsets, as the sun disappears behind the sand dunes, Gradually dismissing its beautiful, cascading shades of orange and yellow.

As the night sets in, relax and enjoy a little Berber hospitality under a clear, starry night. The footprints you leave behind during your
camel trekking in Morocco deserts will certainly leave everlasting footprints in your hearts too for a long time to come.

Trekking in Morocco during winters

Between November and May, the Atlas Mountains are the perfect winter trekking in Morocco destination. With the temperature hovering around 20°C during the day, clear skies, and snow-capped peaks in every direction. You’ll certainly enjoy the views on foot. While taking photos and finding a nice spot to have a small picnic of your own.

At night, it’s a different story altogether. with below zero freezing temperatures. Permanent snow cover in trekking areas that sit above 9,000 feet. The Atlas Mountains are especially fun for those who like to experience the thrill of all-weather conditions. While trekking in Morocco.

Where to start?

Winters are one of the best times to trek in Morocco – beautiful snow-covered mountains. Mesmerizing views of the valleys, and an atmosphere that almost feels ‘ancient, wild and prehistoric’. The villages and deep forests along the way offer unparalleled and picture-perfect beauty. Coupled with friendly Berber folks and their unique culture. .

Amezmiz Valley

It’s always a good idea to ‘take it easy’ at first, which makes Amezmiz Valley a good trekking spot, with its highest peak sitting at just over 720 feet.

Jebel Sahro

Jebel Sahro and Jebel Sirwa, which are both found around the Sahara’s southern end are frequented by winter trekkers from all around the world. The summers can get very hot around these regions, which is why people prefer to take in the spellbinding experience during winters, on foot or on camels.


Undeniably, one of the best trekking places in Morocco is the Toubkal region. You may already be familiar with Mt. Toubkal, the highest peak in Morocco sitting at over 13,600 feet. A 90-minute drive from Marrakech lies the picturesque Imlil valley, which is where most Morocco trekking tours typically start off and end at the highest peak.

A 2-3 day trek leads you straight to Mt. Toubkal’s peak – however, be prepared to take special equipment and gear with you such as ice axes, snow boots, crampons and the like. in order to enjoy the experience to its fullest. As our tour guide takes you to the top. You’ll come across some of the most breathtaking valleys, rivers and forests in Morocco.

​Trekking in Morocco Mountains – Facts about Mount Toubkal

Toubkal, also known as ‘Tubkal’, is a mountain peak located in southwestern Morocco, nestled within the Toubkal National Park, sitting proudly at 13,671 feet. It is regarded as the highest peak in not just the Atlas Mountains but also North Africa. It lies about 63 km south of Marrakech and a highly popular destination for Morocco trekking holidays.

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