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Trekking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains – Exploring Morocco Travel

There is no doubt that Morocco is a beautiful country, with much to see and enjoy. One of the key highlights on Morocco travel tours is the Atlas Mountain range, especially when you take the opportunity to go on a dedicated trekking excursion in them. Find out more about what our Atlas Mountain Morocco travel package involves by learning about the areas you can visit on your adventure.

The High Atlas Mountains

This area of the Atlas Mountain range is in the North of Africa and offers stunning views that will leave you feeling inspired. This area of the mountains is divided into specific areas including:

The Western High Atlas – known as the oldest peak in the western area, you can look forward to seeing the tip of mountain hit heights of around 4000m!

Jbel Toubkal – at 4167m high, this is the tallest peak in the whole of North Africa and can be reached by undertaking a moderate trek that does not require you to complete and climbs – it’s a must see for any trekking group.

Central High – if you love mountain biking as well as trekking then this area needs to be on your route! 3000m above sea level, there are plenty of camping opportunities to enjoy during this Morocco travel package.

Jbel Mgoun – any decent Morocco travel agent will suggest that you visit this southerly ridge of the High Atlas area, providing you with breathtaking views and giving you access to the indigenous Berbers.

Eastern High – this area is perfect for anyone who wants Morocco tours that are off the beaten track. Hike to find some of the most beautiful and deserted areas and see the green valleys and villages that are peppered along the route.

Agoudim Village –head to this village after your Eastern High trek and see the town’s fortress and meet some of the fifty families that call this place home.

Alnif – if you want to try a spot of fossil hunting then this basin is the ideal spot, giving you the opportunity to find fossils that date back to just after the demise of the dinosaur. into their collection, have to be at Alnif.

Middle Atlas – Morocco tour operators will be keen for you to head to Middle Atlas, especially if you want to see the waterfalls and villages in the area. The great thing about trekking in Morocco in this area is that the treks are easier to manage for a wider range of ability levels.

Anti Atlas Mountains: This mountain lies from the Atlantic Ocean and goes to the heights of Ouarzazate, then easter towards the city of Tafilalt. Towards the south, it shares the border with the Sahara. After this, Djebel Sarho is the easternmost point of Anti Atlas.

Djebel Sarhro – if you want a location is is pretty to look at then this area is perfect. Small villages, beautiful volcanic peaks and more await you when you choose to trek here.

Jbel Siroua – if you are looking for a real challenge and want to test your limits as well as seeing the natural beauty on offer then Jbel Siroua is the place to be. You can look froward to something truly unique that will stay with you for a lifetime.