Visit Morocco and see its magnificent sights

Discover the fascinating history and exciting attractions of Morocco on a thrilling tour. The journey starts in the city of Marrakech and continues on to the Erg Chegaga dunes, where you will take off-road dunes, drive into the Sahara Desert, and then take a short camel ride to your isolated desert tent. Last but not least, you’ll make your way to Fes, the oldest of the medina cities, across the countryside. After your excursion ends in Essaouira, you may unwind on the Atlantic Coast’s wide beaches before returning to Marrakech.

Tour Operator Or Travel Agency

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Travel advise for Canadians visiting Morocco

Given its location between the Atlantic coast and the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers all the conveniences that tourists from Canada would expect to find in a country of comparable size and scope. Spectacular waves and picture-perfect white and blue fishing towns make this area a surfer's dream. The area's dramatic cliffs provide for stunning natural landscape. Increased collaboration between Morocco and Canada has been very beneficial for the tourism sector. Given that Canada has visa-free travel arrangements with both the European Union and Morocco, Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter Morocco.

Great vibes, friendly folks, alluring locales and unbelievable food – book today and explore Morocco in a dreamy way!

Information regarding passports and visas

Your passport's expiration date must be at least six months after your planned return date, and it must have at least one completely vacant visa page. Canada passport holders may visit Morocco for up to 90 days without a visa. You will be issued an entry number upon arriving in Morocco. You'll need to provide it to the front desk at every hotel on your trip, so store it where you can readily find it.