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The enchanted kingdom of Morocco is home to a stunning cultural synthesis that makes it the ideal transitional destination between the allure of the Mediterranean and the allure of sub-Saharan Africa. This may be seen in the breathtaking desert scenery, the exciting souks, and the magnificent mosques. Find French influences in the bustling café scene, exquisite pastries, and coffee, but the Middle Eastern allure is what stands out the most.

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What to explore when traveling to Morocco from Australia

As a country that borders both the Atlantic coast and the Sahara desert, Morocco has all of the amenities that tourists from Australia would anticipate finding in such a location. Incredible waves and picturesque towns of white and blue hue make this area a surfer's heaven. The spectacular cliffs provide a stunning backdrop for the area. There has been a remarkable amount of progress made in the relations between Morocco and Australia in a variety of areas, especially in the tourism sector. For travelers holding an Australian passport, obtaining a visa for entry into Morocco is not necessary.

Australia-Morocco Relations

Official ties between Australia and Morocco were first established in 1976. Since 2004, Morocco has had an embassy in Canberra, and in May 2017, Australia opened a new embassy in Rabat, replacing the previous Austrade office there. As recently as 1978, Morocco recognized the legitimacy of Australia's Paris embassy as the country's official representative in the country.

Is there a list of requirements to look at?

The distance between Australia and Morocco is approximately 16,135 km, and it usually takes 20-24 hours to reach Morocco from Australia via flight. It is ideal to plan your journey accordingly and take note of essentials such as your clothing and food.