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With more than __ years of experience in offering leading family holidays package in Morocco. Exploring Morocco Travel is a certified travel agency. Specializes in organizing unbelievable Morocco private tours, to accommodate all travelers’ budgets.

From our experienced local guides who will unlock the beauty of the Atlas Mountains. In front of your very eyes, to the unforgettable dessert excursions and camel trekking. Our package holidays in Morocco are just the ticket. Whether you’re a solo traveler. A family looking for an exciting adventure. A couple looking for romantic getaways to celebrate your union.

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At Exploring Morocco Travel, we are a fully insured, licensed and environmentally conscious travel agency based in Marrakech. We offer Morocco private tours at unbeatable prices. Like you’ve never experienced before. With over ___ well-planed itineraries to help you discover every square kilometer of Morocco, Including some of the most remote and exciting places on the face of the Earth. For unparalleled excitement and adventure.

We understand that every traveler, family or couple may be looking for a unique kind of experience in Morocco, which is why we offer a range of package holidays in Morocco. These might include from mountain biking and quad biking tours to camel treks. Dessert excursions, dessert safaris, and even camping out in the middle of the dessert.  Where civilization once thrived without any electricity or gadgets!

For travellers who are keen on experiencing Morocco the way it’s meant to be experienced, We offer the best and most enriching Morocco private tours. Offering you and your loved one memories to treasure forever.

All throughout your tour, you will have an expert local guide. Who will help you make the most of the experience.

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to show you Morocco the way you have always dreamed. Starry nights and a dessert that beacons you to explore. The adventure-filled Atlas Mountains. Stunning sunsets while trekking on the orange-brown dunes. Colorful bazaars, mouth-watering cuisine and much more.

Take a look at some of the thrilling and exciting activities you can engage in after choosing your package holidays in Morocco with us: ..

​Trekking in Morocco Mountains – Facts about Mount Toubkal

Toubkal, also known as ‘Tubkal’, is a mountain peak located in southwestern Morocco, nestled within the Toubkal National Park, sitting proudly at 13,671 feet. It is regarded as the highest peak in not just the Atlas Mountains but also North Africa. It lies about 63 km south of Marrakech and a highly popular destination for Morocco trekking holidays.

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