Magic of Marrakech

You cannot resist basking in the magic of Marrakech. With its old traditional buildings, palm trees and aromas of spices and fruits along with gold sand desert and waterfalls. Among many wonderful and mysterious sights to explore in Marrakech. Which is part of Excursion in Morocco is its tourist marvel, the Djemaa el Fna square. This main market place of the city presents a true reflection of Moroccan culture, heritage, lifestyles, and traditions.  

Fantastic culture

You are introduced to some fantastic culture in the city. Founded a thousand years ago and rebuilt in the 12th century. The life charming experience introduces you to the contemporary life in this market place. With wonderful acrobats, jugglers, storytellers, fire-eaters, snake charmers, fortune-tellers. The sequence of their arrival at the square is yet another fascinating feature. Is perhaps the most unique around the world. The city presents some of the best roof-top cafes where one can enjoy your drink and smell the atmosphere in traditional feeling.  Feel the experience of witnessing and listening to wonderful North African mystic music, Gnawa. This North African Gnawa music is considered composed of the ancient spiritual religious songs and rhythms. This well-maintained heritage of art full of traditional music. Also dances acts as healing guide preparing you for the next destination of your amazing Morocco Travel exploration.

Bedouin culture  

You can also experience traces of Bedouin culture and dialect in local language. While roaming around Marrakech. Being the desert dwellers since centuries. Bedouin people have preserved a rich heritage of their art and craft as well in which their collective culture resonates. Reflecting their rich historical traditions. This cultural contrast adds to the diversity of the Berber dominated society of Morocco.

Enjoy the Fantasia Show with dinner and drink and explore the magic of Marrakech.
In a setting worthy of the Arabian nights, you can expect an unforgettable evening. For a hearty
dinner in a luxurious Bedouin scenery, you will see folk groups from Morocco. After dinner you will
be invited to discover what made this place so famous worldwide.

The full program Fantasia with :
acrobatics, fire eaters, dancers, Gnawa, riders and flying carpets.