Morocco Desert Tour – The Enchanting and Alluring Sahara awaits

For a fact, there are few places on this beautiful planet of ours that compare to the heart-warming beauty of the Sahara. A natural wonder embodied by vast plains and sunbaked orange dunes dominating the southern and eastern end of Morocco.

The Sahara is the world’s largest desert, spanning over an astonishing 9 million sq. km.

Proudly hemmed in by the High Atlas Mountains. It is one of Morocco’s many highlights, such as Atlas and Sahara tours, as well as a Morocco Sahara Desert tour.

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Morocco Sahara Desert Tour

A stay right in the middle of the never-ending sandy Sahara desert with palm groves and date trees all around. Camel trekking over the dreamy orange sand dunes, and resting comfortably in traditional Berber tents. With the sun setting in and unleashing a beautiful display of pink, red and orange contrasting colors. And the moon coming into full view, complete with stars scattered across the clear and cool night air. Where else in the world can you experience such natural beauty, peace and calm? 

As you enjoy a sumptuous Moroccan Meal cooked over a camp fire. You let your imagination overtake you: “Is this really happening? Is all this peace and tranquility real?”

Travelling across the desert at a slow and steady rhythm. Traversing a terrain that’s untouched by roads or fences and marveling at ‘life in the sand’. Feeling the gentle wind fluttering your clothes.  These are unique and life-enriching moments that you can only experience during the best Morocco desert tours. And it’s only bettered by our expert and knowledgeable guide whose family has lived in the Sahara for many generations.

Best Morocco Desert Tour

Spending an entire day and night in the Sahara is a most exciting and diverse cultural experience in itself. Throughout your stay, you also get to see the wonderful Zagora stone desert. The high dunes of Merzouga .The beautiful city of Erfoud. The climber’s haven at Todra, and much more.

The overall experience is only made more memorable with Moroccan specialties. Like sweet mint tea and tagine, as well as traditional Berber entertainment and hospitality.

Getting Ready – Morocco Desert Tour Tips

  • Since it takes a complete day to reach the Sahara from Marrakech. You will spend a few days at least – wearing light, long-sleeved cloths is essential to protecting against the desert sun.
  • It’s also a good idea to wrap a scarf around your face to protect the eyes and mouth from the sand. When the breeze picks up.
  • Warm clothes for the evening should be packed as the desert nights can be relatively cold, even during summers.
  • Closed-toed shoewear and loose trousers are recommended to make camel rides comfortable.
  • Some campsites may not be fully equipped. With many having no electricity in order to offer the most traditional experience. An extra camera battery and flashlight is always a good idea.

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