Why Everyone Loves Morocco

5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Morocco

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Morocco is proud to offer Morocco desert tours, Morocco travel tours and is home to the best Best Morocco tour operators. If you have dreamt of visiting this amazing place but wonder what it has to offer then we have the answers you need – check out the 5 reasons why everyone loves Morocco now!

1 – The Varied Culture and Heritage

Morocco is steeped in a rich history and has been home to many different cultures, including French, Spanish, Arabic and Berber. This means that not only is there a lot to learn about the country, but the melding pot of cultures has formed something entirely unique, offering you the change to discover and experience it at every step.

The main religion followed in Morocco is Islam but there are also those who follow the Jewish faith and the Christian faith, making it a place that is welcoming to a diverse range of people. The main language spoken is French but you will find that Spanish is also popular, especially in the northern regions.

2 – The Shopping Opportunities

With the busy markets or souks that you will find in abundance, there is nothing stopping you from getting lots of new things to take home with you! From clothing to spices and rugs to jewellery, there is something that will suit every taste and need.

Some of the most famous markets include the Mella Souk, the Souk El Attarine, the Souk des Bijoutiers and the Souk Smata. Each of these market destinations is sure to impress and will keep you entertained for hours as you make your way through them

3 – The Beautiful Beaches

No Morocco travel agent will allow you to visit the country without taking a trip to one of the stunning beaches the country has to offer. With over 2000km of coastline, you can join the locals and take some time to relax and unwind.

Some of the best beach locations include Essaouira, Asilah, Imlil and Ben Youssed Medersa. Make sure your Morocco travel package includes enough time in these locations to explore the towns as well as visiting the beach to give you the best Morocco tour you could imagine.

4 – The Local People

A Morocco travel package is not complete without giving you the chance to learn more about the local places and people that you will meet. Residents of Morocco are incredibly friendly and very proud of their country, meaning that you can learn a lot from them if you take the time to get to know them.

The hospitality on offer is globally recognised and Morocco is deemed to be the third most welcoming place to visit in the entire world! When you are looking for the best travel agency in Morocco, the one that provides time to get to know the locals is sure to deliver a holiday of a lifetime.

5 – The Stunning Imperial Cities

Tour operators to Morocco will offer you the opportunity to see some of the imperial cities of Morocco and this is sure to make your trip truly unforgettable. There is Marrakech, Djamal el Fna, Fez, Asilah, Rabat and Chefchaouen to choose from and the more you pack in to your trip, the better.

Each imperial city holds a huge number of things that will entertain and interest you as well as teaching more about the history of this wonderful country. Make sure you schedule some day trips and find out exactly what these cities have to offer.