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Discover Famous Local Delicacies On A Moroccan Food Tour

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Morocco is an amazing destination, with hermitage, culture, natural beauty and shopping to enjoy. However, one of the biggest reasons why people choose to go on Morocco travel tours is to sample the amazing foods that are on offer across the country.

If you are planning a Morocco tour, then take a moment to read all about the foods that you have to try when you visit – you won’t regret it!


Moroccan tagines are famous across the globe and consist of slow cooked ingredients that have been mixed with spices to create a warming, fragrant dish that you will enjoy. Traditional tagines consist of meat, pulses and vegetables and can be seen cooking in restaurants as you walk past, sending the beautiful smell of food to great you.

Lamb is probably the most popular tagine and most restaurants combine it with dried fruits and nuts to create a very rich dish that you’ll never forget. A tagine pot is domed in appearance creates a lot of steam, helping the meat to become tender and just slip off the bone when it is ready to eat. It’s a must-try dish that you’ll be impressed with.

Cous Cous

Cous cous is the national dish of Morocco and is served with stews that have been prepared in tagines. It is typically eaten on a Friday which is the Muslim holy day and on other special occasions. Cous cous is typically flavoured with citrus and can be plain or mixed with other ingredients such as herbs of dried fruits

No one should ever go on a Morocco package holiday without trying cous cous as you will be shocked at how different it tastes to the types you can find at your local supermarket!


Moroccan cuisine is all about balancing sweet, fruit flavours with more savoury options, and this is as true with Bastilla pie. This pie is made by combining layers of pasty with layers of nuts, eggs and pigeon or chicken. It is flavoured using saffron and cinnamon, and leaves you impressed with how well the flavours balance each other out.

Bastilla is not a day to day dish in Morocco, but is typically served during a holy or celebration meal. However, many restaurants and shops sell it to tourists who are keen to sample authentic Moroccan food.

Mint Tea

While it is not a food, mint tea is a drink that oozes Moroccan appeal and you can be certain that any tour operators to Morocco will take you to places that it is offered in abundance. The mint used in this tea is Moroccan mint and it forms a refreshing drink that is enjoyed at every stage of the day.

True mint tea is made by combining fresh mint with tea, sugar and water and it is offered to people as a sign of friendship and welcome. Mint tea is also soothing on your stomach and can aid digestion, making your trip to Morocco more comfortable than you may have imagined.

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