Ouzoud Waterfalls

Natural beauty, cultural diversity, historic places and traditional foods of Morocco are among the most appealing aspects which invite thousands of tourists from across the world to this Northern African nation. Among its natural beauties is gushing rivers and waterfalls.  Ouzoud is one of these amazing waterfalls that waits to be explored during Morocco tour. Located near the Moyen Atlas village. This 110m high waterfall in the province of Azilal about 150km northeast of Marrakech city. Offers an amazing view of olive trees and numerous mills in the area. The track leads to the road of Beni Mellal from Wadi el Abid 600 meters down the canyon. This is said to be the most visited region with serene green valleys. Having orchards and wonderful gorges of El Abid River along with mills located in those valleys.

Exploring Ouzoud Waterfalls

Exploring Ouzoud is one of the exciting experiences with travel into the Atlas Mountains witnessing this 360ft stunning waterfall which also powers watermills in the caves around. The waterfall presents another captivating view of local Barbary and colourful rainbows giving a soothingly fresh feeling in the middle of the Sahara desert. As the waterfall is multi step, one can explore places around it to see different views from different heights. Offering an attraction for photographers and documentary makers as well.

The drive to Ouzoud falls

The drive to Ouzoud falls offers many exciting views while on your way to the northeast village of Tanaghmeilt in the Atlas Mountains, through the desert. You come across amazing palm groves and historic villages. The waterfall is called the grinding grain in Berber language. Also ranked as highest natural waterfalls of North Africa. 

We have the opportunity to explore the countryside on our way, passing through many traditional Moroccan towns and rural villages. This is an excellent opportunity to escape the city and get out into the Morocco that not many people see! When we reach the waterfalls, our driver will tell you all about the area to ensure that you experience the best. Whilst at the waterfalls, you can relax whilst watching the cascades, eat a picnic lunch or visit one of the many cafe’s and restaurants located right beside the main falls.


Be sure to check out the wild monkeys living in the trees! After a restful and relaxing afternoon, we drive back to Marrakech.