The Ourika Valley in Morocco

The Ourika Valley situated in the foothills of High Atlas about 60km by road from Marrakech houses. A large number of Berber villages and a line of waterfalls. A refreshing Morocco tour to Ourika valley in High Atlas Mountains takes you to the green valleys. With a wide range of different fruits including. Peach groves, almond and walnut trees.

Climbing Atlas Mountains here is indeed are vitalising adventure. Once you start climbing, you have to traverse through many small streams and a river by short traditional footbridges. But in no way, this climb would seem dull as it offers opportunities to socialise and interact with locals. One comes across lots of places to stop and have a drink or snack on the way up. Little shops selling traditional Berber rugs, jewelry, natural crystals. Also other wares make your excursion to the Atlas Mountains even more memorable. 
On the way, snow-capped peaks welcome you to the traditional mud Berber houses. That are spread over the villages followed by breath-taking valleys, gorges, rivers,and waterfalls.  The journey is one amazing experience that reveals not only the local traditions to the tourists. It also leads you to the spectacular waterfall.

Desert to safari tours

The tour also introduces you to the wonder local traditional Beber cuisine ‘tajine’. Made in and named after traditional pot. Tajine is one delightful experience. Being one of the Best Tour operators in Morocco. We allow you to explore in Marrakech plenty of remarkable sites ranging. From its golden scorching desert to safari tours and some fantastic opportunities for wonderful excursion. Spilling out of the city besides amazing hike ups and trekking

This trip takes you to the most beautiful valley of the High Atlas Mountains. Which was always the favorite place for the inhabitants of Marrakech for their excursions.

The Ourika Valley offers an enchanting spectacle of high and wild mountains dominating the red slopes. With scattered hamlets in a typical Berber architecture and farming terraced fields. Along the road, you will cross lush green and shaded valley. Then successively a more rocky and wild landscape.