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Excursion experience in Morocco not only plays host to the beautiful golden desert, traditional architecture and high Atlas Mountains. But also welcomes visitors with heaven-like waterfalls and lush green pastures nestled within picturesque valleys. In fact, among Morocco’s natural wonders is Ouzoud Falls. A day-long trip from Marrakech. As you travel through the alluring Atlas Mountains. The gorgeous 110-meter waterfall gracefully plunging into the rugged cliffs below is sure to leave any nature lover at a loss for words.

While on your adventure Morocco tour, the trip between Marrakech and Ouzoud waterfalls also presents sneak peeks at the local macaque monkeys. Living in a care-free way in their natural habitat. This specific area also offers a small trekking space from the top all the way to the base, bringing a beautiful and heart-warming oasis into view. As you traverse through the desert hills. Enjoying  Morocco Desert Tour, you’ll surely admire the old native villages and palm groves.

Private Morocco tour

Another aspect of your private Morocco tour that will leave a lasting impression is the traditional Moroccan folklore. The Fantasia show with dinner in Marrakech. This is where you’ll experience a proper Moroccan night, with professional acrobats on Arabian horses. Effortlessly demonstrating all the traditional forms of medieval Berber warriors – not to mention the gravity-defying horseback acrobatics and the hypnotic belly dancing. This night is all about quality artistic entertainment in true Moroccan style. Courtesy of the friendly dancers, acrobats and singers.

As you further discover Morocco with one of the best Travel agencies in Morocco, you’ll also come to know that Marrakech happens to be the ‘capital of versatility’. This is especially evident as you explore avenues like Ourika Valley – a very refreshing change from the usual desert excursions in Morocco. The valley offers cool ambient temperatures. Owing to the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains 50km south of Marrakech, which seem to hug it protectively from all four sides.  

Finally, you would not want to miss out on Ouarzazate. A quaint and adorable little town found in southern Morocco, southeast of Marrakech. It’s a town that you might mistake for a movie set and that’s not by chance, since Ourzazate has long served as a backdrop for many well-known films and TV shows. However, the charming and almost sedating town is far removed from anything remotely “Hollywood’ish”. Instead boasting traditional vibes and ancient architecture. It also happens to be a famous ‘launchpad’ for many desert excursions in Morocco.

Desert Excursions in Morocco

One might wonder: what makes Morocco an amazing destination for adventure, recreation and tourism? The North African country is known the world over. Not only for its imperial historical sites, mesmerizing waterfalls. Atlas snow-capped mountains and the alluring Sahara Desert. But also the traditional Berber villages, the beautiful landscapes that come in and fade out of view as you trek the terrain, as well as the magical Ourika and Asni valleys, rivers and old Kasbahs.

Desert excursion in Morocco

Perhaps one of the most common reasons people love taking private Morocco tours is because of the desert excursions. With full-blown camel trekking in the Sahara. Desert camps situated strategically throughout, hotel accommodation and scenic excursions. All of which can be experienced in a budget-friendly way – could one possibly ask for more?

As you embark on an exciting desert excursion in Morocco, your typical route will take you from Marrakech to Morocco, through the heart of Casablanca, after which you’ll end up in Fes. And finally the Sahara Desert, and a few noteworthy places in Morocco – as your adventure Morocco tour draws to an end.

Throughout the trip, one of the things that will leave a permanent impression in your mind. Heart and soul are the gorgeous contrasting colors of the sandy desert as the sun sets. But that’s just one of the key highlights. Because you’ll also get to explore the ancient historical cities up close. Where buildings with authentic structure and architectural designs will beacon you to come closer and take in the breathtaking and immaculate beauty.

Once the adorable orange colors of the desert and dunes disappear along with the sun, you’ll get to camp under traditional Berber tents – gazing at the vast open sky with stars scattered all across. To mark the end of a fun-filled and adventurous day, you can now look forward to a cozy night on the cool sandy desert. With palm and date trees all around – an almost dream-like experience.

Adventure Morocco Tours – All the more exciting with Camel Trekking

One of the top reasons that keeps bringing vacationers and tourists from all over the world back to Morocco is the excitement and adventure that awaits them in the Sahara Desert. Specifically camel trekking and excursions.

You can imagine Camel Trekking along the Sahara Desert, the sound of the camel’s footsteps leaving footprints behind in the sandy land. The never ending horizon with unlimited stars littered all over as the night sets in – there’s a sense of peace and calm here that you might not find anywhere else in the world.

Throughout your desert excursion, your trip will be made as comfortable as possible. Whether you prefer to stay in any one of the 3, 4 or 5-star hotels in the nearby cities or one of the Berber villages, or Kasbah. We have you covered. In fact, with the latter, you have the perfect opportunity to learn about the locals’ customs. Friendly nature and world-renowned hospitality.

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The Fantasia Show With Dinner

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