The Atlantic Walking Tour experience

The Atlantic Walking Tour experience. Essaouira, or ‘Mugadur’ in the native Berber language. Uniquely stands apart from other Moroccan cities. Book the Best tour operators to Morocco for the dreamy beach resort that sits on the Atlantic coast and fondly referred to as ‘Tassort’. Which roughly translates to: a small fortress, due to some of the surrounding walls that still surround the city’s limits.

If you’re looking for a calm and serene atmosphere. And an idyllic way to spend your Morocco trekking holidays. Then this coastal town with its array of exotic beaches and relaxing seaside fishing village is just the ticket. Imagine going on romantic walks along the immaculately kept deserted beaches. A way to experience unbelievable Moroccan landscapes like none other.

Atlantic trekking tour

During your Atlantic trekking tour, you’ll come across Plage Tagharte beach in Essaouira town. A heaven-like place the locals call the Pavilion Blue. Thanks to its windy surroundings and picture-perfect bright blue water. Perhaps its places like these due to which Essaouira has been enlisted among UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Once you’re ready to transition to a more thriving and lively atmosphere, Agadir, one of Morocco’s main tourism-focused cities, is where you’ll find modern hotels, Furthermore European-inspired cafes, busy boulevards and more. From trekking and walking tours to the serene and pristine beaches. Trekking in Morocco is just one way to experience all the exotic beauty the country has to offer.

Luxury camel trekking in Morocco

Tourists from all over Europe and beyond come here to exclusively experience luxury camel trekking in Morocco. The camel caravan tour. As many like to call it, is one of the best ways to experience the rich Moroccan culture, history and traditions. Not to mention the mouth-watering cuisine. Diverse and adventure-packed landscapes, as well as the lifestyle and culture of the friendly locals.

Venture deep into the south of Essaouira, and the wild Atlantic coast tour gives you a taste of the beautiful fishermen’s villages. Picture-perfect empty beaches stretching out for miles on end. And the cliffs and trays that majestically jut out over the ocean.

Key Highlights

– Camel trekking in Morocco deserts and along the seaside
– Explore large and relatively empty exotic beaches
– Explore and trek on the cliffs and trays that jut out over the picturesque ocean
– Discover life in Essaouira and interact with the friendly locals

Morocco Trekking Holidays – Facts about Essaouira

Essaouira, known as ‘Mugadur’ in native Berber, lies on the Atlantic coast, in the western Moroccan region of Marrakech-Safi. The city formerly known as ‘Mogador’ enjoys a more modern name today which means “the little rampart” – a direct reference to the fortress-like walls which are found around specific boundaries of the city.

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