Trekking in Morocco Mountains

Being the highest peak in North Africa, Trekking in Mount Toubkal is something that brings adventurists and tourists from all over the world. The 2-3 day trekking in Morocco Mountains can prove to be challenging for novice trekkers. However, the heartwarming challenge is well worth it because once on top. Absolutely stunning views lie in wait.

Mount Toubkal’s peak lies 64 km south of Marrakech. A region known as Haut Atlas. After a day’s drive from Marrakech through Imlil, you’ll be trekking to Toubkal Refuge. Which cuts right through the mesmerizingly beautiful Aremd and Mizane Valley.

While trekking towards Mount Toubkal, the deep valleys and snowy peaks of the Toubkal Massif will come into view, which lead straight to the infamous Haouz Plain. You’ll also get a chance to pass through the adorable town of Asni. Where there’s plenty of Berber culture to be found. The road leading up to the foothills of the Massif showcases picturesque views of the Qued Laou town.

As the trek continues towards the Mizane Valley, running along the village of Aremd, you’ll also get a chance to check out Sidi Chamarouch’s shrine. Aremd happens to be the largest village here and offers some fantastic views of the traditional households that feature terraced streets and farmhouses.

Morocco trekking holidays

Your remarkable Morocco trekking holidays continue towards Marrakesh Plain. Further towards the High Atlas Mountains in the north – and even as far south as the Anti-Atlas range and the Sahara. As you make your way towards the peak. You’ll come across overgrazed lower slopes. Once on the higher slopes, you’ll find beautiful Juniper forests superseded by alpine Meadows.

Mt. Toubkal’s peak is also a central attraction for many Morocco trekking holidays due to Toubkal National Park. Which is famous the world over for its summer hiking and winter skiing escapades.

Affordable Package Holidays in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco Mountains is something that was made famous through an alliance between humanist values. A sporting and adventurous attitude, and the world renowned Atlas Mountains. Throughout the entire Toubkal trek. A stunning sequences of villages, small towns, valleys, mountain paths, and of course, Berber hospitality greets you with open arms. Morocco trekking holidays like these are a memorable way to establish a real, tangible dialogue with nature.


Key Highlights

– Climb the highest summit in Maghreb
– Camp high in the Atlas Mountains
– Rely on an experienced local trekking team to guide you at every step
– Enjoy the hospitality of the Berber villages in the High Atlas

​Trekking in Morocco Mountains – Facts about Mount Toubkal

Toubkal, also known as ‘Tubkal’, is a mountain peak located in southwestern Morocco, nestled within the Toubkal National Park, sitting proudly at 13,671 feet. It is regarded as the highest peak in not just the Atlas Mountains but also North Africa. It lies about 63 km south of Marrakech and a highly popular destination for Morocco trekking holidays.

Affordable Package Holidays in Morocco
Affordable Package Holidays in Morocco