The central High Atlas regions

The central High Atlas regions is dominated by a solid chalky mass which gradually transitions to smoother zones. Once you reach an altitude of 8,200 feet – an area that extends from Azilal to Quarzazate. The smoother zones here are a direct result of erosion over the course of many years. Leaving it with a splintered mountain-like landscape that’s given rise to beautiful box canyons and gorges.

Many consider this to be a haven for trekking in Morocco mountains – with lovely peaks to explore. One of which is Amsoud. However, when it comes to trekking in Morocco, many come just to experience adventure at Mgoun or Jebel Mgoun. With your Private Morocco tours– a Berber title which translates to “windy peak” – and proudly stands out as the third-highest peak in Morocco.

Mgoun Valley

The 3-day trek begins in Mgoun Valley, a gorgeous town called Kelaa Mgouna, during which you’re going to come across some of the most spectacular looking gorges in the Northern region. Trek beyond Imeskar, and you’ll see heart-stopping views of orchards and vivid green fields. Many trekkers from around the world love trekking in Morocco. Simply because of the local villages and native Berber traditions. That have been well-preserved over the years.

By the time you reach Mount Mgoun’s summit. You’ll land right in the middle of “Happy valley” or “Ait Bouwouli. Proceed further and you’ll find yourself in the dream-like valley of Ait Bouguemez. Which rests comfortably in the middle of the central High Atlas region. Located about 250 km from Marrakech.

Exploring Morocco Travel

Throughout your Morocco trekking holiday on Jebel Mgoun. You will find a collection of beautiful traditional villages. Along with the daily life and architecture of the Berber folk. The locals are not only warm and friendly. But also sheer agricultural geniuses as they have transformed the semi-arid areas into highly fertile valleys. Which are fondly referred to as “garden” or ‘Agdal’ in the native language.

Key Highlights

– Relaxing and comfortable trekking, complete with stays in gites and tents
– Experienced local guide throughout the journey
– Climbing Mt. Mgoun and admiring stunning views of the valleys, gorges, canyons and villages below
– Getting familiar with the warm and friendly Berber folk as well as their traditions

Trekking in Morocco Mountains – Facts about M’Goun

Also known as Ighil or Ighil Mgoun, Mt. M’goun rests proudly at an elevation of 13,356 feet and is ranked as the fourth highest peak in the Atlas Mountain range.

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Exploring Morocco Travel
Exploring Morocco Travel