Camel Riding Marrakech

Discover the best activities in Morocco. When you’re ready to break away from the bustling shops, souks, museums and palaces in Marrakech. Indulge in some camel riding through the city’s gorgeous Palmeraie. Only a few minutes’ drive from Marrakech.

Proudly hailed as the ‘ships of the desert’, camels are a remarkably fun and relaxing. Also a peaceful way to experience the palm grove-centric terrain in Marrakech. Get used to the rhythmic movement while your Morocco Travel and you can later enjoy a sip of fresh sweet mint tea, a Moroccan favorite. And while you get to know your friendly camel, go ahead and take a few shots of the calm and serene surroundings.

Golf Courses in Morocco

One of the best activities to try in Morocco. Whether you enjoy golf at an amateur or semi-professional level, or play it purely on a recreational basis. Morocco offers some of the most immaculate and picture-perfect golf courses you’ll ever have the pleasure of walking on.

Choose between 9 or 18 holes, either in Marrakech. Casablanca, Agadir or El Jadida – with views of the mountains, sea or desert. This is scenic golfing at its best. We take it upon ourselves to make all the arrangements for you around golf clubs, a caddy, carts, accommodation, transfers. Or any other service you may require while golfing to your heart’s content.

Quad Biking

Among the best activities in Morocco. What’s a vacation in Morocco without quad biking in the orange sand dunes? Our professional staff is always on hand to ensure your safety. As you experience the thrill and sheer excitement of tearing down sand dunes and other fun spots in the desert on your quad bike.

Horse and Carriage Rides in Marrakech

Horse rides in Marrakech as the sun sets is undeniably one of the most romantic and heart-stopping sights you can ever witness. Sit back and enjoy the carriage ride around the city’s walls. And wait for just the right time to enjoy special moments with your loved one or your family – a reminder that you are in a very special and magical place, meant to be cherished in every way possible. A unique experience and activity to try during your stay in Morocco.

Cookery Classes in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is rich, both in terms of the spectrum of ingredients as well as its history. Discover night food tour in Morocco With Berber origins at its roots. Also a host of Indian spices like cinnamon, cumin and ginger being common ingredients. Moroccan food is all about using the right mix of spices, fresh produce and flavor to achieve the desired effect.

Who knows, by the time you’re done experimenting with the mouth-watering local ingredients. You might pick up a few secrets from the skilled chef to take back home and brag a little!