Things To Know Before Travelling To Morocco

10 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Morocco

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Enjoying Morocco desert tours is something that many tourists do every year. Before you head to this amazing country and its Imperial cities, take a look at ten things you should know before setting off so that your Morocco tour is as good as you hoped!

1 – Know the Country

Morocco is a Muslim country and as such, tourists are expected to dress and behave appropriately. This means covering up, not drinking alcohol and being respectful when visiting important cultural sights.

2 – Have Plenty of Change

Morocco tour operators should let you know that Morocco is heavily cash focused, this means that using your credit card will not always be possible. Take plenty of change with you so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to and remember to convert your cash before you arrive so that you don’t have any problems with spending your money.

3 – Avoid Local Guides

There are plenty of Morocco travel tours that you can book before you travel but if you decide you want to try something else when you arrive in the country then avoid local guides. Sometimes these guides can over charge you or end up taking you somewhere you don’t want to go. Choose a professional Moroccan tour guide who will ensure you get the most out of your experience.

4 – Look After Your Health

Morocco is a hot country and so you will need to pack plenty of sun protection as well as paying for sealed water to avoid illnesses. Staying hydrated is essential and in the hottest months you will need to think about staying inside during the peak heat of the day.

5 – Pick Up Some French Phrases

While Morocco is an Islamic country, the main language spoken is French. Taking the time to learn some simple French phrases will help you get the best from your holiday.

6 – Avoid Strangers

While Morocco is a welcoming country, it is always advisable to be wary of strangers, especially when they seem overly keen to find out more about you. Sadly there are some individual who may try to get your attention even when it is unwanted so it is always safer to stay in a group.

7 – Be Scam and Pick Pocket Savvy

You may find yourself a victim of petty crime if you fail to take the precautions needed when you visit Morocco. Souks are bustling and busy, making them the ideal place for pick pockets and fake Morocco tour operators may try to scam you. Be aware of the risks and take precautions.

8 – Don’t Take Photos Without Permission

If you want to take a photo of a Moroccan or with a Moroccan then always check before doing so. Some people will demand payment for their photo and this can become unpleasant if you do not check before proceeding to take a picture.

9 – Remember That Friday is Holy

Fridays are considered to be a sacred day in Morocco with holy days and holidays for residents to enjoy each week. As such, Moroccans will spend time praying and being with their families, meaning there may be less for you to do. Respecting the culture will ensure you have a happy holiday.

10 – Enjoy the Food, Activities & Culture

No Morocco travel package is complete without showing off the food and culture on offer. From delicious mint tea to famous taglines, you will be spoilt for choice when working out what to eat. Plus, with such a blended cultural experience, you are sure to notice influences from all over the globe as you enjoy your holiday. Also, there are lots of Moroccan tour activities you can choose from to really make the most of your time here.